"Meet Johnstown Family Photographer, Kristie Allbritten And Learn About Why Hiring A Professional Photographer Is A Great Choice!

3 Reasons Why Hiring a Johnstown Family Photographer is A Great Choice:


Each year arrives faster than the year before and with children growing up and milestones happening, the time has come to invest in a family photography session.


The obvious reason why hiring a professional family photographer in Johnstown, is important is that the work and images will be of high quality but what are the more practical reasons why?


You will be in the photos:


As Moms, it is our duty and passion to be the family member who is constantly taking the pictures and documenting the events in our lives, but the reality is we are not always in the images.


Hiring a professional Johnstown photographer ensures that you are present in the portraits.


Even I myself hire a professional photographer to photograph my family because even though I can set up my tripod and take the pictures myself there is value in a good photographer capturing us BEING a family.


It isn’t all about the camera:


Photographers constantly hear how nice their camera is and how it must be so easy to take great pictures with it… total misconception.


Yes, professional photographers invest in nice equipment, but we also have invested time, money and our talents in learning how to use the camera.


Johnstown Photographers spend countless hours in training and practicing this science that is more accurately described in my opinion as an art.


The father and his children:


Telling Dad, it is time to get the family photographed just might be the most dreaded season of the year…. Dad can be harder to get to smile then the kids!


So, hiring a professional Johnstown family photographer will most likely be beneficial because he is more willing to smile for me than your phone.


He will appreciate the investment and want to get your money’s worth of the time so having a set aside time for family photos is essential.


With all that to say, once he sees the images printed and displayed in the home, he will be happy that he did it… until next year rolls around of course!


Cherished images are the ones where the outfits, location, and lighting have been thought through and mastered.


Work with Kristie Allbritten, your Johnstown family photographer who will help capture the moments that take your breath away.

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Your Johnstown Family Photographer, Kristie Allbritten

Spoken For Photography was born from a desire to serve all families, catering to families with special needs. I live in a small Northern Colorado town of Johnstown with my husband and our twin boys.

I am mercy motivated and you will often catch me tearing up behind the camera during a session. 


My favorite drink is unsweetened iced tea with extra lemon and I like big hair! I grew up in Seattle so I love going to the beach to dig for clams. 


Autism Speaks is an organization that is near and dear to my heart and the inspiration behind the name of my business…. It is a play off of those words.


I believe all people, especially children are Spoken For!