A Red t-shirt & Trains...with your Johnstown Co Family Photographer

As a Special Needs Family Photographer taking the time for continued education is extremely valuable to me. I recently had the opportunity to travel to San Diego for a Special Needs Photography training workshop. The Special Kids Photography of America is a non-profit that teaches photographers about the unique understanding of working with various disabilities common in our society. While there I was taught by the Founder and Executive Director Karen who helped bring the vision of this organization to life. She was instantly a mentor and a woman that I thoroughly enjoyed sitting with as she prepped our lunch. I drank my coffee and we shared our photography experiences and styles. I am so grateful for the intimate time spent with her, absorbing her wisdom and insight.

Danielle and her son Joshua are a local San Diego family who volunteered to be our models at the workshop. Joshua arrived in his red t-shirt with his favorite trains in tow. I immediately noticed his brilliant smile and typical lack of eye contact that I know so well with my own son’s diagnosis of Autism.

After explaining to Joshua what to expect so that he can feel comfortable in the environment, I showed him where we would be taking pictures. I transitioned him with the help of Mom (Danielle) and quickly decided to include Mom in the session to capture the comforting bond between Mother and Son. Mom looked so lovely and I knew instantly that she should be included in this special moment. As a Mom I know the importance of being present and in the pictures.

Spoken For Photography is dedicated to all families and caters to families with special needs. If you are a family looking for a photographer with experience in compassion and sensitivity, contact me.

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