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Updated: Feb 15, 2019

My family is not adopting but some friends of ours are adopting AGAIN! What a call and life changing love to know that they will be growing their family with another daughter.

Before I share more about the upcoming adoption, I want to take you on a journey of images that feature Gracie. Gracie met her Mom, Nikki in June of 2017 and it was life giving to me to be able to share in their journey to China. I have a love and appreciation for China myself as I had the opportunity to travel there in 2005. I adore the people, their culture and chopsticks!

We did an Adoption Announcement back in April of 2017

Once Gracie was a little more comfortable with her environment and her big brothers then we did some pictures of the kids!

Gracie was in studio with me this month so we could capture her personality and victories with a Valentine's Day Session. She is working hard to one day, just maybe say goodbye to her g-tube, along with learning to walk and talk. Being a Mom of a son who is delayed, I can appreciate the small wins on a large scale and celebrate every single milestone because I truly understand how proud you are when you have worked so hard to help your child reach these goals. If you want to follow along and hear about Gracie's accomplishments you can do so on her page Bringing Gracie Home.

Nikki has started her own non-profit to make big changes on a global scale with her time and talents. I find so much joy in partnering with people who have kingdom minded principals and a desire to serve others. Her organization is Cornerstone for Orphans. I love and will always advocate for orphans. My husband and I have spent some time in Venezuela and Honduras visiting and supporting orphanage's because we so strongly believe in taking care of the next generation.

As a special needs photographer it is my passion to encourage and support families on their adoption adventure and as I mentioned before Gracie is getting a sister! Mom and Dad are working to bring Ms. Blakley home this summer! I can't wait to meet her and celebrate with her forever family. If you would like to follow along and hear the details of Blakley's homecoming you can at Room for one more.

What are you passionate about? Where do you serve? I would love to hear what communities you donate too and WHY?!




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