Back to work! Open Again...

It feels so good to be back at work! My first family session, after this crazy Covid19 season of life, was with one of my favorite families. Mom is faithful to schedule every year with me. One of her daughters is now a High School Senior, so I will get to work with them again very soon!

There are many reasons why I adore photographing them. It's obvious they are all gorgeous people! With such a large family, every image has variety. We can create a unique image simply by shuffling a couple of the kids around.

Their youngest are identical twin boys. What more do I have to say here? I watch them interact and envision what my boys will be like when they are older.

Having four daughters must truly be a dream come true. I mentioned how all of their shoes looked similar. Instantly they laughed and told how when one sister finds a fabulous deal, they all get in on the goods.

We spent the warm evening at McIntosh Lake with the sun beginning to set. We were super thankful the mosquitoes stayed in hiding.

I told jokes, they pretended to laugh, and I was reminded how grateful I am to be working again.

Spoken For Photography is dedicated to all families and caters to families with special needs. If you are a family looking for a photographer with experience in compassion and sensitivity, contact me.





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