Be My Valentine!

Updated: Feb 14, 2019

It has been cold here in Johnstown Colorado lately and so photography sessions have moved indoors. Since it is the month of love and the "I love to read" season at school for my boys, it seams fitting to incorporate these two ideas together. I chose a newspaper backdrop and a Valentine's day book to adorn the set of my first Valentine's Day Sessions. I started with a model call and met Mr. Gavin. He is 2 years old but talks and acts like a 4 year old. He is so smart! He was charming and playful and I am so thankful that Mom took the time to share with me about a couple of his diagnoses. Most of the kids that I photograph are fighters, they are strong and have endured so much for being so young. I am proud of his brave spirit and he is one of the reason that I choose to be a special needs photographer.

Gavin has Tetralogy of Fallot, Kabuki Syndrome and is feeding tube dependent but you would never know it by just seeing him. My passion is to see past the diagnosis and see Gavin. He is fearfully and wonderfully made...

I am already dreaming of Spring and the Easter Sessions that will come next month! I would love to share about the props and plans I have for the studio sessions coming in March so please reach out to me to book a time.




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