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Updated: Nov 15, 2018

For the past year I have been asking myself over and over… “What is my brand?” How do I communicate my WHY? Because my Why, I have known from the moment I decided to purchase a camera and that is the easy part. I am a Wife and a Mom to two incredible boys, one of whom has Autism and that is WHY I am a special needs photographer. I want to be your family’s photographer and engage with each family member on a personal level, whether your family is typical or with special needs because lets be honest, what does a typical family really look like?!

My brand is part of my background as I have had many hours of therapists teaching me occupational therapy skills, physical therapy movements, speech therapy and most recently behavioral therapy, I am accustomed to all thing’s special needs. I might not know the ins and outs of your child(ren) special needs but I do know the daily struggles of having a family that functions just a little different than your “average family” and want nothing more than to give you the courage to bring your kids on location with me for family photos!

Our differences make us unique and the same all at once…. My son Vaughn doesn’t like the flash. So I photograph him outside most of the time. He is easily distracted so I have found some locations up here in Northern Colorado that are peaceful and beautiful. I am familiar with trails or parks that are wheelchair friendly and I have learned to let go of trying to capture the “perfect” family photo because I am constantly teaching my sons to have flexible thinking about the reality of real life. Candid moments make for such GOOD photography. They show the brightness in your family and it is my joy to display that light in the pictures that I deliver to you.

My Brand is Compassion.

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