Friends on the Farm… This Family Photographer’s First Ranch Session

This year Fall Family Photography Season began on a farm. My son Asher’s 1st grade teacher set up a session with me to photograph her with her “kids”. Her biggest baby is Bella her horse. Bella is 23 years old and a gentle spirit. She warmly welcomed me to her homestead. We began bright and early at about 6:15, just as the sun was rising. It was my first chilly morning and I was thankful for a moment to simply take in the beginning whispers of Autumn.

Ms. K, as we lovingly referred to her last year, was smiling and ready to guide me into the pasture to begin a new style of session for me. I spent the first couple of minutes with Bella, getting to know each other, letting her hear my voice and exchanging pleasantries with some gentle leading on my part to explore her curiosity. She was lovely and graceful as she was guided a little, so we could capture the interaction in front of the lens. As Bella began to show signs that she was ready to join the rest of the horses, we decided to use the remaining light during golden hour to photograph the other family members.

Up next were Micky and Minnie, her donkeys. It was kind of like photographing toddlers. So honestly, I felt right at home. These images started off with lots of laughs as we tried to navigate both of the donkeys with their backs to the sun, and I tried desperately to get their attention. I am not afraid to act a little silly to get a genuine smile, but this was like no act I have ever performed! We did it though! I admit it wasn’t by expertise, but by the grace that only comes from the Heavens.

Last was Ms. Juliette. Boy was she THRILLED for her moment with the camera! We think she was watching from inside the house. She burst onto the scene full of excitement and vision. We let her play and lead the rest of our time together with her spunky spirit and cheerful demeanor. Mrs. K and I hugged and exchanged memories of the previous year with happy hearts and dirt on our boots.

It is truly my honor to photograph the ones who are raising up the next generation. This woman taught my son to read and we did our best at home to support her hard work by practicing with him. I am grateful for her passion to teach, her willingness to show up each day to invest in our community. Thank you for shepherding my son’s heart. You are this family photographer’s most valuable representation of pure light… Teachers in Johnstown/Milliken, I see you.

Spoken For Photography is dedicated to all families and caters to families with special needs. If you are a family looking for a photographer with experience in compassion and sensitivity, contact me.




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