From a Vogue Style to Scrunchies...

High school seniors have such unique personalities! I adore family sessions, and I especially enjoy the opportunity to photograph families with special needs. But high school are becoming one of my favorite subjects to photograph. Moving Natalie indoors for a studio session was a relatively new experience for me. I have used my home for various mini sessions and headshots, but to work in a studio designed with large softboxes and creative backgrounds made this family photographer swoon!

Natalie was the ideal model for the classy Vogue style I wanted to capture in her. Her Mama describes her as fun loving and down-to-earth, but with a beautiful ability to be glamorous with very little effort. She took directions and prompting like a professional, and we moved with ease from one background to the next. We met at the Eldeen Annette Photo Studio in Erie for our session. Can I just share how perfect this portrait studio is? Eldeen’s studio is fresh and clean. I was able to choose what kind of music I wanted playing in the background, while she oriented me on where the backdrops were and how to use her lights. She listened to my ideas and even gave me advice about getting the best lighting with my camera settings.

We started with the white wall, as that was the vision I had for our time together. When Natalie showed up in a sparkly teal jumpsuit, my heart melted with anticipation of what we would create together. She sweetened the deal with a vintage necklace and bracelet from her mother’s collection. We started with her hair back. As we moved through the poses I had picked for her, I asked (almost begged) her to take her hair down for a modern wind-blown look. I am so thankful she agreed, as some of my favorite images are of her with her hands in her hair, laughing, and being her authentic self.

Black was the next backdrop and a fun challenge for me, because of her dark hair and brown eyes. I played a little with the light boxes to add some dimension behind her, and away we went with a bold and fresh look!

Natalie changed into a more casual, seasonal outfit, so we could use the metal and wood backdrops in the studio. She gave me the same stunning smile and added a scrunchie, yes a scrunchie, to her attire. I am so thankful that I am blessed to work with high school seniors! Natalie was able to fill me in, keeping me hip and cool, letting me know the scrunchie is back! Back, not how I used to wear it in my hair, but back as a wrist accessory. I want my photography style to be timeless. I want you to look back on your images at any year or season of your life and see the art in your photographs. So Natalie and I compromised. (As a special needs mom I’m experienced in the art of compromise.) We did take some photos without the scrunchie.

This collection of images won me over. I have added studio sessions to my Senior Packages, because I am moved by the simplicity and elegance of these indoor pictures.

Spoken For Photography is dedicated to all families and caters to families with special needs. If you are a family looking for a photographer with experience in compassion and sensitivity, contact me.




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