Girls Weekend in Estes Park, CO

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

When I say girls weekend, I mean a lot of awesome women from all different backgrounds, walks of life and unique personalities... there are FIFTEEN of us. A tribe of females that (for the most part!!!) get along flawlessly. Our foundation is based on a similar love so coming together with a common bond takes the word friendship to a whole other level.

We were able to find a weekend where the majority of us were able to get away from our daily responsibilities and about half of us were able to carpool up to Estes Park on a Friday night to stay in the most beautiful Airbnb. We ate locally in Estes at Wapiti Colorado Pub and enjoyed an adult beverage and some food before settling in for the evening. The excitement was palpable and there were plans for a lot of bonding over the next 2 days!

We had a surprise photo session for one of my dear friends Jennifer, who is taking a leap of faith and moving with her family to another state this spring. It was very important to me that we could find a time on Saturday when everyone could be there. It had to be everyone, outside and in Estes Park... It took some serious planning and executing, but WE pulled it off! It was seriously cold and windy (like so cold I had to have help getting the diffuser on the flash cause my hands were so chilly), but our happiness kicked in like adrenaline and these hotties gave me their most genuine and real smiles. We are sending this lady off in style... you can see for yourself!

The Gang

We cried a little, acted silly a lot and gazed upon the neighborhood wildlife that call Estes Park home.

We bought up the town shops, enjoyed some delicious Mexican food at the Cabana Bar & Grill and afterwards, one of us, KAELYN, enjoyed some ice-cream even though most of us couldn't feel our fingers or toes.

Did I mention we had a couple adult beverages (not those of us who were driving of course)?!? :) :) :)

The late afternoon was spent indulging in snacks and doing a clothing exchange. Though after the fact, I think we would all agree that we planned and over packed and got a little carried away with the agenda. I am not confident we did a whole lot of resting! We spent the evening doing all things girly and I will keep those hilarious images within our group so my dear friends let me stay in the group (i.e. face masks right at the time my sweet husband Facetimed so I could say good night to the boys).

We spent a lazy Sunday morning drinking coffee, sharing stories and learning new things about each other. I did a little dreaming with them and am excited to say that Jerad and I are taking our own little leap of faith this year, something I believe every entrepreneur should do... More to come on that very soon!

2019 has so much to offer and I can't wait to make this an annual trip!

The overnight gang heading out on Sunday! xoxo

Cheers to a little bit of my personal life merging with my professional life!

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