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Updated: Nov 15, 2018

I am not a wedding photographer but I am a big believer in learning and expanding your education and I learn best on site, with my camera in hand so when the Boulder Chapter of the Rising Tide Society organized a Styled Wedding Shoot, I signed up to learn from a group of professionals who value community over competition.

One of the terms we use every single day with our sons is “The Group Plan”. We teach them to enter into a new environment and look around to see what the others are doing and then join in appropriately. I was there taking it all in, following the Group Plan and gaining new insight and skills from some incredible photographers. Assessing the set up and jumping in to be a part of a new group of friends over similar interest in the arts was an incredible experience!

We met in Longmont at Roger’s Grove and the magic began as each individual fell into their natural rhythm of creating something extraordinary.

Rachel Keppeler Designs/ Handmade Pressed Floral Jewelry

Here is a list of the fabulous creatives I had the pleasure of meeting:

Baker: Katie Nelson – @anachronicalpaca

Florist: Christianne Hess of Carbon Valley Flower Gallery

Website: www.carbonvalleyflorist.com

Instagram: @cvflowers

Styling: Ashley Chymiy of Hello Happen

Website: www.hellohappen.com

Instagram: @hellohappen

Jewelry: Rachel Leachman of Rachel Keppeler Designs

Webstie: www.rachelkeppelerdesigns.com

Instagram: @rachelkeppelerdesigns

Models: Brandon Winn & Jade McNeil

Instagram: @jadefancihuh & @bishopwinn

To the photographers, some new and one old friend who brought this styled shoot into the masterpiece that it was:

Kendra Anderson of Kendra Colleen Photography

@kendracolleenphotos, www.kendracolleenphotography.com

Sheena Shahangian of Sheena Shahangian Photography

@sheenashahangianphoto, www.sheenashahangian.com

Rose Devore of Rose Devore Photography

@rosedevore, http://bouldercoloradophotographer.com

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