Honest words from a Mom who is a special needs family photographer...

Weren't these images just incredible? I mean the boys are happy, playing with sailboats, searching for frogs, just being kids -- exactly the definition of all boy! The pictures do tell a story, but let me get real here for a moment and be honest. Nothing went right.... This was early in the morning. I was rushing us out the door, because I wanted to get to the park before the sun was too high. My kids do not do well, when they know the expectations are high. So I was doing my best to convince them (and myself really) that this morning’s adventure was going to be fun. Mom would have her camera. (I mean this is what I do, I am a family photographer.) The only objective is to have fun! WRONG!! I just can't not prompt them. Ugh! I was disappointed in myself. I kept trying to make the vision I had in my head a reality; and it just wasn't happening. The mosquitoes were out in a full feeding frenzy; and the water was high. Higher than I have ever seen it at Legacy Park. Vaughn desperately wanted in the water; and it was harder to keep him out than I thought. I overexposed a couple images, because I was trying a new style of back button focus on my camera. Then suddenly there was the mud. The morning was a disaster. I had my little red wagon for some props not realizing that Vaughn was going to insist that he ride in it, though he could clearly see it was full of stuff. Asher has the "my Mom is a photographer smile;" and I can't fault him for it.

We finally found a great location where the light was just PERFECT, but no one wanted to listen to me! The capacity to deal with my "creative" adventure was non-existent.

As we began to pack up and leave, I came to the conclusion that they really did need some time to simply play. I took a deep breath. As we were crossing over the bridge, I gave in and decided to go to the other side of the park. The sun was high and bright. Instead of putting my camera away, I embraced the full sun and experimented with some new concepts. No expectations. It was fun! We ended on a good note. Are my pictures perfect? Nope. But they are of my kids, so I am extending some grace to myself. Now that a couple of weeks have gone by, I can laugh about the experience and enjoy the photos.

They turn EIGHT next month... I love them so dearly! There is nothing more that I want for them, than to be who they were created to be.

Spoken For Photography is dedicated to all families and caters to families with special needs. If you are a family looking for a photographer with experience in compassion and sensitivity, contact me.




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