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Updated: Nov 15, 2018

I have always loved entering into people's homes and admiring the pictures that they have displayed on their walls. I enjoy seeing which prints they choose and sometimes ask why this specific image spoke to them... what do they love about how the photo makes them feel? I believe we learn so much about a family’s season of life by the style of prints they display. In a day where digital is so popular, I value those of us who still print family pictures and hang them in their home for all to see who enter in.

My journey into photography started when my husband and I delivered our twin boys at 29 weeks and because it was the winter season when they came home from the NICU, I handled all of the pictures with our Canon point and shot. They were still on oxygen and taking them to have professional pictures done just wasn't an option at the time.

As the boys grew up we hired a photographer to come to our home for our first lifestyle session and it was an experience! As seasons changed and we had other ideas for pictures of the boys and our family we used other photographers or portrait studios and we found a recurring pattern. My sweet son Vaughn did not like having his picture taken and for me personally this was really hard to accept. I wanted to have beautiful themed pictures of our family that I saw on social media and more even then that, I wanted the time taking the photos to be enjoyable.

When the boys turned 5 I decided I would borrow a friend’s camera and take the boys pictures myself... at that moment in time, I have never respected professional photographers more. Even though it was challenging, my heart had finally found my own personal passion. I grew up a little that day and decided what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I knew that this world didn't need just another photographer, it needed a very specific one. One who knew she was called to a unique population. After diving in and learning my camera, some lighting style's and memorizing the poses pinned all throughout Pinterest, the time was now to incorporate my Mommy skills into being a special needs photographer. I can apply transition times, sensory tools and social stories into my work. I can work through meltdowns on site with patience.

The name for Spoken For Photography is a play on words from the organization Autism Speaks. After my son was diagnosed with Autism in the summer of 2016 this is the non-profit where I began studying and researching about this disorder. I believe all children are royalty and SPOKEN FOR so that is how this adventure all began.




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