Paint Photography... Be Colorful, Wear White & Send A Unique Christmas Card this year

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Picasso said, “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary…” Photography is also a diary- a diary filled with images, a looking glass style that is expressed by the recording of events and experiences. Creating a memorable experience is the heart behind my family photography approach. I love producing images that can be appreciated for their beauty and establishing the emotional tie that brings us back to them.

Taking the perfect family photo isn’t how I determine if my sessions are successful… did everyone have fun? Did Dad give some genuine smiles and were the kids authentic in front of the lens? Did everyone leave happy? Is everyone excited to see the images? If the answer is yes, then our time together was memorable.

It is really challenging for our son Vaughn to look at the camera. He already struggles with eye contact. So when it is time to get my own family photographed, I try to have very real and practical expectations for our session. When I saw some FUN family sessions on Pinterest that involved WASHABLE paint, I presented the idea to my Husband. He loved it! First time he was ever enthusiastic about family pictures! We agreed to try it out on our own family first to see if this paint idea was really possible. So I am not the photographer in these images I am the Wife and Mom, present and accounted for. I am on the other side of the camera doing what I ask my friends and clients to do, so the pages of my own diary can be filled.

It was a mess, there was lots of pre-planning (and front loading as we call it in the world of ABA therapy) involved but most importantly it was FUN! It is doable! Now I can’t wait to offer this type of session to my clients! Megan with All Smiles Photography was the photographer and a dear friend to be willing to take on my very special family.

We only gave the boys ONE RULE: No paint in the face.

We also experimented with color run chalk to see what photographed better... honestly both the chalk or the paint was fun. We are still working on all tossing it at the same time :)

I have 4 canvas’ and 3 of them are Spoken For already… let me know if you want to book my last spot for a Fun Family Paint Session this fall! Be Colorful, Wear White and send a unique family Christmas card this year…

The Allbritten Family- Summer 2019

Spoken For Photography is dedicated to all families and caters to families with special needs. If you are a family looking for a photographer with experience in compassion and sensitivity, contact me.

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