The Bella's of the Barre...

I like a new challenge. I like trying out different genres of photography, because - let’s be honest - there are so many different ways to specialize. I know my specialty and am committed to families with special needs as their family photographer, but I also adore trying new things.

I value the art of each person’s calling and Becka’s was very much in line with my brand and heart. She is an entrepreneur and is starting her own business. Becka has a love for Barre. She is a barre instructor and a friend of one of my dearest friends, so it was my pleasure to accept her offer to create some images for her website. She cast the vision of light, bright and airy images that showcase her talent and skills. I was all in. I did my best to understand the language of those who call Barre their passion, when we met on a sunny Wednesday afternoon to bring the project to life.

The studio that we were working in had mirrors on 2 sides of the walls so getting the right angles and light was my first task. She invited some of her clients and friends to be part of the session and I enjoyed meeting some amazing and fit ladies. There was a mama to be, a sweet furry friend and, of course, some kiddos to balance out the environment of a real class.

Becka posed and instructed the students, and they bravely held their stance as I took the pictures from different places in the room. They did some standing and sitting exercises and at times worked with weights and mats. The room was filled with strength and energy as these strong and poised women controlled their movements with grace.

There were sounds of laughter and many moments of “let’s try that again” during our session! We created some posed looks and then moved into more candid images. Watching these ladies build their balance, while becoming more flexible, while strengthening their core was inspiring.

I am excited to see how Grace and Power Fitness motivates Northern Colorado. Congratulations to Becka and her team as they craft intensity and elegance in a modern and fresh way!

As for me, Fall Family Session are my focus and desire. As the weather begins to get chilly, it is time to embrace all things leaves, pumpkins and cozy sweaters. xoxo

Spoken For Photography is dedicated to all families and caters to families with special needs. If you are a family looking for a photographer with experience in compassion and sensitivity, contact me.




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