We are Celebrating Easter in Zoom Style…

Easter this year looks different. It feels different and sounds different. For the past month we haven’t been gathering in groups larger than 10 and then we were given "Stay At Home" orders a week into that order. There are so many mixed emotions that spring up during this time of quarantine. My family, this county, and our nation is in dire need of a Sabbath and here we are being forced to rest and slow down. I say rest and slow down with caution as that is not true for everyone. That isn’t true of our health care workers and hospital staff, it doesn’t apply to first responders or those people that work at grocery stores or deliver our mail. For families with school aged children our world has drastically changed. We are now teaching our children and trying to find a new rhythm and schedule.

We will not be attending church on Sunday, dressed up and eager to head to Nana and Papa’s for the Easter Egg hunt. Instead we will be at home, dressed but honestly probably in our pjs. It will be different but one thing that will not be different is the party we will have as we attend church from our couch. We will be celebrating and rejoicing that Jesus rose from the grave and that isn’t different because our excitement will be just as contagious!

Thanks to Zoom, we really only need to look nice from the top up!

I have my family photographed each year in the Spring. It is my favorite season for pictures and I just love the greens that come alive because of the new growth. This year though, my family photographer can’t capture my family (well to be really honest, she is also on maternity leave but even if she could, she really couldn’t cause, you know, corona virus) this Spring so I decided to do it in my own unique way. It felt good to come just as we are for family pictures… nobody got their hair cut or colored. I felt the need to wear a hat because I didn’t make it into my hairdresser before all of our lives got turned upside down. Our backyard has no mature trees to use as a backdrop so I set up one and just took the pictures. I pray we never take family pictures like these again!

He is Risen! We rejoice that our salvation is secure in Him! I can’t wait to see you all in person for Family Portraits!




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