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Updated: Feb 13, 2019

I really like the simplicity of a family session... them and a blanket and my camera. I see so much value in getting to know a little bit about the family, especially the kids, before we meet so I can plan and create a vision for how we will tell your story for this season. If your child or children have special needs then I spend some time learning about his or her diagnosis so I can prepare the perfect location and try to eliminate any distractions. My goal is to front load heavily before (with a social story) and right at the start of the session so everyone has a clear expectation of what our time together looks like and a clear awareness of the end. It is important to me to memorize the names of everyone in the family so I can communicate quickly and help make the transitions easy from each prompt to the next.

When my son with diagnosed with ASD I never could have pictured using the skills that we call parenting in our home as a tool to build a workflow for portraits. We parent our typical son the same way and he thrives knowing how to be a flexible thinker or what it means to follow the group plan. These terms give me the ability to take pictures in an easy going manner, all while having a good time! I really like being a special needs photographer.

I am very much looking forward to Spring Sessions and would love to connect with you to start dreaming about what you want for your images!




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