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Discover 4 Benefits of Hiring Kristie Allbritten to be your Johnstown Family Photographer for your Special Needs Family:

Spoken For Photography Offers: Family Portraits, Special Needs Families, and Professional Headshots

Families come in all shapes and sizes and no one can appreciate this better than a family that has some extraordinary characteristics.


Hiring a Johnstown family photographer who is also a Mother to a child with Autism gives you peace of mind in knowing compassion and acceptance are in full abundance.

I truly believe people are becoming more understanding of differences and disabilities every day, though we still seem to have a ways to go until every individual is accepted as the way they were born.



We will plan and prepare together before your session.


I take some time to research your child or children’s diagnosis and will send you a social story to share with your child about your families photography session.


Reading the social story before we meet gives the whole family a vision of what to expect and helps avoid the anxiety of the unknown.


I will front load before each transition to make sure that everyone knows what is expected of them and give clear directions. I explain how long each activity will last and can provide a visual schedule using the first/then approach.



I will bring weighed blankets, glitter bottles and other items that help calm unexpected behaviors.


Sensory tools are created for each individualized season if needed.


I add noise-canceling headphones to my bag of tools if loud noises could be an issue.


We can set a timer that will allow your child or children to check in to see how much longer the family photography session is.


Sometimes, bringing a favorite object along for the transition is comforting for a child and recommended.


Self-regulation can be a challenge, and knowing when a child needs to stop and take a break is also a huge benefit in hiring a special needs photographer.



Your Special Needs Photographer will make additional considerations and accommodations to serve families that need extra support during a family photography session.


The location has been scouted out beforehand and the environment will be chosen that will best fit the needs of each family. Should the park be wheelchair assessable?


Is your child easily distracted so a location that is not busy be best for a peaceful experience?


Kindness is my first priority and I guarantee to help you get the best out of our time together.


It is my goal to deliver images with authentic and real smiles and sometimes more candid real to life images. There is no pressure to get the perfect shot because honestly, that is just too ordinary.


Leaving the session with happy kids who have played games and been snuggled and adored creates good memories of getting their pictures taken.

Timeless Images:

Let’s be honest, you want a Johnstown family photographer who sees you but you also need this person to be a professional.


Hiring a professional Johnstown family photographer with a specialization in families with Special Needs, who knows exposure and composition is essential for quality and timeless photos. Your time should be spent enjoying your family session while the photographer is capturing sweet moments by prompting the family to bring out their unique personalities.


Let’s showcase your family’s beauty and worth in photos that can be shared and celebrated for all time because these special portrait sessions are my passion and specialty and I can not wait to share your story alongside you.

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A Recent Special Needs Family Photography Testimonial:

"Spoken For Photography is uniquely equipped to capture the beauty, challenges, purity, and grace of families with special needs children. Kristie's ability to creatively manage multiple people with a wide variety of personalities and preferences while capturing a cohesive, beautiful family photo is unmatched. The level of understanding, joy, and professionalism she brings to a photo session make Spoken For Photography our families first choice." - Mary Vigil 

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